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Industry Outlook

Today, it is really a challenge to manage different business process to function together in order to achieve the company’s goals. These days selecting right technology becomes a daunting task for corporate management. It takes lots of time, manpower, resources and research.

  Are you always looking for the right information in front of you?

  Are you spending your valuable time to do research on technologies?

  Are you confused to take a decision on a technology matter?

  Are you stuck with the lack of skilled professional to move your business ahead?

Your search for such queries ends here with us. Here we are to provide you a clearly defined solutions, framework and operational direction to ensure the flexibility and continuance of an organization’s objectives and their dependencies. We deliver a wide range of services in the area of Engineering and Information Technology helping you to achieve technology capability and competent to ensure your organization success is protected.

Manpower Outsourcing

Industry Outlook

SAB Middle East is a leading manpower services company in Saudi Arabia offering customers a continuum manpower services to meet their needs. Our company engaged in providing manpower services to small and medium scale enterprise in all industry sectors. We have qualified and expert professionals and technical work force from the fields of Petrochemical , Power plant, Infrastructure and cement , Operation / maintenance, Engineering design / Cad, and Oil / gas projects. For a company, whether they are looking for one uniquely qualified project specialist or many people of varying abilities, hired manpower is the only single-source solution for your entire professional workforce. Delivering a quality service means ensuring Manpower staff have the skills that you require. We achieve it by providing continuous training in the latest skills.

Our Services

Companies today increasingly rely on the flexibility and cost advantages of hired manpower. A management involved in an industry, know how hard it is to attract qualified and experienced engineers and technical work force. If a company has one or more projects planned or in progress, that require manpower and expertise to meet the deadline, which is not available with the company have hire manpower. We recognize the importance of having the right team in place for the successful delivery of a project. Our goal is to deploy consultants who have the right skills, experience, and aptitude for the project. Through our Human Resources Department, we are able to maintain a pool of pre-qualified and highly skilled individuals who are available to fill multiple roles.

Our Performance

With every new client we start by doing our homework, knowing their specific area of work and requirements. Through regular meetings and direct communications with site office, we provide our best service on time. Our unique knowledge of placing individu¬als and huge workforces can really helpful to your projects. We un¬derstand our staff skill and match them with jobs where they will be productive and motivated. Also we help people to develop their careers through planning, work experience, coaching and training. Regardless the size of the company, our manpower service allows you to access professionals and technical force when and where you need them. Whether the company needs are temporary or short-term SAB Middle East has highly-motivated professionals to accomplish your requirements.





Transportation Services

Industry Outlook

SAB Transportation Services includes Vehicle Rental Services and Site Transportation Services. It is our goal to make our clients’ transportation requirements as comfortable and as safe as possible. SAB Provides Transportation in the construction project sites for employee mobilization inside or outside of the sites. Our professionals plan and execute the transportation requirements of project site. Our vehicle rental services support client’s short term or long term vehicle needs. We provide all sorts of vehicles ranging from Cars, SUVs to Buses.

Security Services

Industry Outlook

Our previous experiences show that our workforce is competent to complete any type of structural erection projects like pipe racks, equipment structures, pre engineered buildings and Material Handling structures within the stipulated time and in compliance with international standards and codes. Highly skilled structural fitters, qualified welders surveyors and other technicians form our workforce. Associations with leading manufacturers around the globe, strong commitment to quality and a complete project based approach enable SAB to serve their customers promptly and at most competitive rates.

Industries & Projects Fuel Supply

Industry Outlook

Without reliable and quality sources of fuel, mission performance is degraded and can come to a halt. From single tank operations to large-scale storage tanks, SAB fulfills your fuel requirement. A key success factor for SAB is our ability to have secure sources of fuel supply at competitive prices. SAB secure and continuous sources provide maximum flexibility to best serve our customers. Operating our own fleet provides improved control of quality and timeliness of service. Our Onsite refueling service comes to you and delivers fuel directly to your site. We understand the costs associated with downtime, when equipment is waiting to be refueled, so you can rely on us to be reliable and responsive, delivering fuel to your site promptly to meet your requirements.


Why Outsourcing

Construction Equipment Outsourcing

Industry Outlook

SAB Equipment Outsourcing provides customers with exceptional service and high quality solutions. Our advantage is the quality of service that every customer can expect when they rent. The custom built, modern service department improves efficiency and productivity resulting in a better maintained fleet of rental equipment. To support customers, SAB fulfills their client requirements through a fleet of fully equipped field service or out sourced to reliable specialists in Equipment Outsourcing field. SAB’s Equipment outsourcing is available for both short-term and long-term projects.


Site Office and Camp Facilities

Industry Outlook

Customized Rental Services with excellent on-site representation and Outright Sales with affordable prices are provided to meet all kind of requirements of clients. SAB office and camp units provide a work environment that can feel comfortable working in for long periods complete with innovative, attractive & cost-effective space solutions having facilities as requested by clients. The high standards of quality that we hold our builders and suppliers to ensure a robust office structure that can be moved repeatedly from site to site. For portable site offices serving remote industrial camps we have a wide range of single and dual sleeper/office combination units.

Office Equipments Outsourcing

Industry Outlook

SAB Office Equipments Outsourcing Services help organizations to have mind-free options for setting up Office Equipments and furniture to start their project or continue the phase of growth without bothering to put lots of investments and maintenance hassles. SAB has a selection of office furniture, computers, necessary peripherals and other office equipments that ensure the fulfillment of your expectations. Our team can build and install a customized network of workstations or simply dispatch a single laser printer and desktop computer. We configure servers, laptops and telephone systems to your specifications, as well as deploy them to different locations across the country in order to suit your needs.


Oursourced CAD Services

Industry Outlook

Committed to excellence with a team of people who are trained, certified and experienced, SAB provides detailed design/engineering, Fabrication, Erection and commissioning for all type of Mechanical, Instrumentation, and Electrical projects to small and medium sized industrial and utility projects. Our designs and know-how are applicable in all areas of design, procurement and construction of engineering projects, as well as upgrading of existing facilities. Our in-house costing and project tracking system, combined with our network of quality suppliers, provides projects that are cost-effective and guaranteed to meet each customer's specific time and quality target. We firmly believe that our clients will benefit from the extensive and successful experience of our professionals that have gained on a large number of projects worldwide.


SAB Middle East understands that our clients are looking for the following factors in projects:

  • Low risk project execution to achieve shortest time to beneficial operation
  • Low cost high value services & Local Presence
  • Integrated/streamlined project phasing & Accurate performance measures
  • A project delivered according to the original requirements, on time and within budget.
  • Stringent offer evaluation procedures, ensuring the fair competition

Excellence of our activities is maintained by the following:

  • Professional employees, responsive and responsible, technically competent, knowledgeable at engineering drawings, laws, market conditions, coordination & control
  • Full support from engineering departments, Q/A and Q/C experts and other professionals
  • Strict & dynamic vendor registration, control system and software’s.
  • Maintaining of well-proven relationships with highly qualified and reputable software vendors.



Quality Control

Our Quality Systems assures the customer that they are achieving the top quality products. Our Quality Assurance and Control department is managed by a team of qualified CAD Inspectors for AutoCAD and Micro station. Our QA/QC requirements and procedures provide further assurance that our quality is the BEST in the industry and it meets the international codes and standards.

Mission SAB strives for a synergy between Engineering, Technologies, Systems, Procedures and human resources to offer products and services that meet quality, reliability, performance and economy. At the same time we strive to maintain highest standards of ethics and social responsibility.
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